I Am Plotting a New Future

I am plotting a new future
A forward thinking place
Only I can imagine
If I can overcome today
I have a chance of getting there
I will do what I should
Is the foamy bi-product of the bullshit
I spew into the ocean
Of dreams
Nothing is stopping me from doing
How many parts do I need to gather
In order to build a rudder?
I’d rather play imaginary games with them
And then throw them away
Because they are heavy
People around this world
Take photos
Of places far off that I think might exist
If I could escape the white prison
and mountains of emails
and anchors of my own doubts
God makes happen what I must
Is the gravitational pull of the galaxy
Hooked to my feet
Of dreams
Dragging me towards the beyond
What can I do to right the ship?
I have let it fall to the side
I am plotting a new future
on top of the waves
Even if I risk drowning
I will find a way.