You can’t be a contradiction

You can’t be a contradiction

There’s no room for an “and”

Choose one way or another

So that we can understand

You are not your own

Listen to our advice

Acceptance is all you need

People won’t look at you twice

Artist and mathematician,

Engineer, creative soul,

Gentle, strong, and angry

Hidden and outwardly whole

Ugly and ruggedly handsome

Bristly and hairy and soft

Liar and lover and under the depths

Incredibly, wonderfully lost

Checklists upon empty boxes

Fill the world you live in

Where simplifying is knowing

And confusion is a sin

“I am who I am,” I cry

“A story difficult to tell”

The black and the white don’t combine

Into a gray, ambiguous hell

“Feed me, o, feed me, liar!”

Yelled the hungry volcano

The earth is ready to devour

Your broken up human soul

“Not true,” I tell the fire

Licking at my feet

I am made in the image of one

Man cannot re-create

And therein I see the lie

That we don’t understand

If it will not prove or compute

Its existence we cannot stand