Summer Stories, Part 2 – A Whim

Back in the early part of the summer I had the opportunity to sit near a group of Comic Con-goers as they rode the train to downtown. I tried my best NOT to listen to them, but, as I have stated before, I can’t turn off my ears. This group of four, along with a discussion I was a part of about second person, inspired this work. It is a fictionalized recounting of a day at Comic Con told only via the words of one guy.

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you have any comments…



Summer Stories, Part 1 – Like A Ghost

So I worked on this short story a short while ago. Right now it is hanging out in the review world and (hopefully) will get published. We will see…

Some of you may have read the previous version. This is more of a final draft. Leave your thoughts if you would like.


Up next…the blog post about going smaller and a story about, well, Comic Con.

Summer Slump

It we have just gone past the middle of summer, and I realize I haven’t been very present. Well, I have been, but I haven’t. Anyone else know what I mean? In the last few weeks my wife and I have gone all over the place, mostly meeting friends, and yet I have been at work as usual. I figure it is the typical summertime thing to do.

Anyway, I am happy to jump in here and write a little bit. Praise the Lord for creative freedom! In the last couple of weeks I have been writing, cooking, painting, singing, and playing Xbox Kinect at my parents house (woohoo).

So here is what I have coming soon…I hope. First up is a short post on the subject of smaller churches. Seems like all of my close friends have moved from our large church to small ones, and I wanted to discuss the reasons. Second, third and fourth will all be short stories, whether complete revisions or completely new ones. Finally, I want to begin a series on art and being Christian. And maybe, just maybe, I can convince my lovely wife to guest post about China. We will see!

Anyone else having fun this summer? What are you up to these days? Leave a comment if you get the chance!