New Short Story: Like a Ghost

I have been devoting the last few months to developing my writing chops in the area of literary fiction. I am sure that this may be a little much for some of you, but I hope the rest of you enjoy this latest work.

This story was inspired by “walking in the shoes” of another guy on my way to the train. It deals with dissatisfaction in life in the context of marriage and work that seems un-fulfilling. Note that there are very adult themes in here…so probably not good for the young kiddos (not that I think any are reading this). Oh, and the only part of the whole thing that applies to my own marriage is the last two lines.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!



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I like the sun in San Diego. It is out almost every day. I normally follow it as it ushers in the day, then leave with it in the evening. Day in and day out it is beautiful. Sadly, most days I don't think much about it being there.

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