A New Story – In The Soup

I have been forcing myself to write creatively again and this is the latest (semi-complete) attempt. It is long for a short story, so I figured I would link to the Google document instead of copying and pasting it.

I have heard that a writer should write about what he knows – this story somewhat came out of that idea. The context for this story is cooking (a passion of mine) as well as life in the state of California. I was inspired to write by an incident that happened at my work – the starting point for the character of Henry.

This is a rough draft and will be revised a few times before it is complete. But, for now, enjoy! Let me know your feedback!


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I like the sun in San Diego. It is out almost every day. I normally follow it as it ushers in the day, then leave with it in the evening. Day in and day out it is beautiful. Sadly, most days I don't think much about it being there.

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